The Idea

Onggy Hianata, an Indonesian citizen with some of his friends in Indonesia and his global network became growingly concerned with the current situation. We realized how this overload can negatively influence people worldwide mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can indirectly affect the immune system of young children, teenagers, adults and elderly.  
For this reason, We came up with a great idea to reduce negative news consumption by spreading an uplifting message. The main purpose of this movement is to do an act of humanity that can indirectly save lives from the future effects of consuming too much negative news. We genuinely want to bring hope by showing that every country in the world, despite their boundaries, is still able to come together as one during this challenging time.

The Vision

The world to be ONE.
As human beings, we are one and we have one common need; to be in peace and live in harmony.
The Mission
To create a positive mindset, talk and spread positive energy to the world. So mankind live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

The Goal

We decided to make a positive video campaign with the slogan, “WE ARE ONE. SAVE LIVES FROM COVID-19. ONLY CONSUME and SHARE POSITIVE NEWS”. In this project, volunteers took a picture holding up a paper with the same slogan and submitted it to the media team.

The Action

In a span of one week from April 14 to April 21, 2020, We collected pictures from 197 countries, which is more than the countries listed in the UN. After extending the deadline until April 25, We received pictures from 218 countries and territories, resulting in approximately 3700 pictures in total. We strongly believe this movement can bring hope to many people around the world.

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